About Us

Pacific Insulation Products, is a global supplier of energy efficient, rigid insulated panel, our patented R-Seal®. Founded in 2008 as the solution to evolving energy-codes, PIP manufactures the best in rigid insulation, with a focus on the pre-engineered metal building market. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality insulation product at the best possible value and to provide exceptional customer experiences for our industry partners.

At PIP we understand the value of long-term relationships and stand committed to providing the best service to our partners from detail to delivery. With each project, we provide custom detailing to meet that specific project and partner’s needs, leading to a more time-, cost-, and material-efficient result.

R-Seal® provides a single-step insulation solution with an exceptionally high R-value, features a patented integrated air barrier adhesion system (Tape Tab), which enables the single step installation with pre-installed tape and a high-quality surface finish. These features provide installation cost savings to the builder and long-term energy savings to the owner.

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